What My Goal is.

One thing that I notice is that a lot of men I know refuse to get into fashion because they consider it “gay” or you are a “woman”.  Fashion is not specifically for one type of person it is for everyone.  My goal is to teach all men how to dress extremely sharp while being simple.  Fashion is a game that requires some learning and practice in order to play correctly.  I will periodically be posting tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my life,  I will be showing you all affordable brands to look so much better,  I will be teaching you how to get great clothing items for cheap prices and to give you great outfit ideas that anybody can pull off.  That is my goal that I hope to accomplish with this blog.  I will be creating all social media accounts shortly in order to post more outfit ideas.  I am excited for this blog gentlemen,  remember to always stay classy, clean, cool, and confident.